Five areas of service:

  • Club Service, the first Direction, includes the activities of Club members, which they must engage in to ensure the successful operation of the Club.
  • Professional Service, the second direction, aims to promote high ethical standards in business and professional activities, to recognize the dignity of all worthy professions and to promote the application of the ideals of service in any professional activity. The role of Club members is to behave personally and in business in accordance with Rotary principles and to use their professional skills to implement club projects that meet the problems and needs of society.
  • Serving the Community, the third direction, is a variety of efforts made by Club members (sometimes in collaboration with others) to improve the quality of life of people living in the area where the Rotary Club is located.
  • International Service, the fourth direction, is the activities of Club members to improve global understanding, goodwill and peace by expanding the network of acquaintances with people in other countries, learning about their cultures, customs, achievements, aspirations and problems through communication and interaction in all club activities and projects aimed at helping people in other countries.
  • Youth Service, Fifth Direction, recognizes the positive changes that youth and young adults make through leadership development, involvement in local and international ministry projects and exchange programs that enrich their participants and promote world peace and cultural understanding.