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Unique gift for American philanthropists




At their joint meeting in honor of the birth of another Kyiv Rotarians have launched the project "Independence through the heart of an artist", initiated by  Rotary Club "Kyiv-Centre." In gratitude American benefactors, they decided to gift excellent art-work "Price of Freedom. Ukraine", dedicated to Heavenly Hundred.

This is a unique masterpiece, created in a modern style "Art Mix", as result of six months of work (530 hours) and combining different techniques. It includes artifacts - items collected by the author after fighting on the Grushevskogo street and Maidan - fragments of burnt tires, tree branches, shield, newspapers, patriotic postcards, paving share, from glass bottles from the "Molotov cocktails" and so on. The frame is decorated with gold potal mixed with soot burning and burned tires in times of strife.

Author - Maryna Lukach - member of the Union of Photographers of Ukraine, artist, volunteer, fundraiser, the initiator and participant of many charity events - whose works have participated in Rotary auctions. Maryna is blessed by the Lord with her talent. She provides great presentation of their works that charge viewers positive energy. The above mentioned "Price of Freedom" had been presented already during a charity evening in Salt Lake City (USA) in autumn 2014, which managed to embrace the attention of the local business community to Ukrainian issues. 

Collected during charity events funds were used to purchase medicines and medical supplies for the wounded during the Maidan and ATO. Ukrainian audience had a chance to touch these unique work in 2015 at the exhibitions in the Ukrainian House, Art Arsenal and others.

The Project is planned that on 14-17 April "Price of Freedom" will be demonstrated during the World Art exhibition in New York in midtown Manhattan. Coming meetings with the Diaspora, exhibition catalog, a commemorative booklet and more. After a legendary creature will be symbolically presented to the American people at the Ukrainian Institute of America. April 21, 2016 is there opens an exhibition of contemporary Ukrainian art.

By tradition, Kyiv Rotarians held a charity auction for starting, which collected funds for the start of the project. Now the picture is presented in AmCham (the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine). Numerous members of the committee meetings and other ongoing activities, of which there is now so much, will see the work and are pleased to contribute to the project.

Personal contacts between American and Ukrainian opinion leaders - a very important component in building peace and cooperation between our peoples, because "small steps done great things." And who knows, maybe it is touching this amazing work from far Ukraine someone on the other side of the ocean also decide to make a gift to the world?

Serhiy Andriyash,
Governor Assistant,
Past-President RC "Kyiv-Centre"


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    koma 03  When joining Rotary, you think it will be the social component of your life, besides family, work, hobbies, etc. But over time you begin realize that Rotary is a way of life in which all your life choices are made according to the Four Way Test. Four simple questions...but how they change your life!  koma 07

    Mykola Steblyanko
    Rotary e-Club of Ukraine First President, Rotarian since 2006
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    koma 03  The mission of life embodied in actions – that's what Rotary movement means for me. Fellowship at the level of the intellect and the soul. Common living space of people united by the same Spirit! Creativity, embodied in the men’s work !  koma 07

    Olga Zmiivska
    Head of ICC Ukraine-Belgium, Rotarian since 2006
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    koma 03  Rotary - community with great positive motivation і  and mission of doing good - everyday!!! koma 07

    Myroslava Novosilska
    Chair of ICC Ukraine-Israel, Rotary member since 2012
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    koma 03  Rotary for me during many years is the part of my life, which I really appreciate. Because it allows me to help others, do good deeds, constantly communicate with old friends and make new, significantly increase my positive impact on the world and the people around me.  koma 07

    Serhii Zavadskyi
    Governor D2232 2018-2019, Rotarian since 2000
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    koma 03  For me, Rotary is a willingness to give themselves, their time, effort, and money to serve the people, for the sake of hope in the eyes of the victims, the smile of a sick child, improvement the lives of people around you. This, together with Rotary international fellowship, allows you to do the impossible and fills your life with special meaning.  koma 07

    Oleksiy Kozhenkin
    District Governor D-2230 2014-2015, Rotarian since 1992
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