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The main source of information about Rotary is the official website of the organization – www.rotary.org

The section "About Rotary" contains basic information about the structure, history and finencials of the organization. Also you can get acquainted with the news of the organization, its activities, to find materials for the media. Service "Club Finder” will allow You to contact your nearest Rotary Club. You can find here the motivation for joining Rotary or support the activities of the organization and also to make a charitable contribution to the Rotary Foundation.

Basic information of the website is presented in English. However, some materials are available in other official languages of the rotary – German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, and Korean.

Official pages of Rotary are in almost all social networks:

On YouTube you can find many videos about Rotary, in particular, on the official channel https://www.youtube.com/user/RotaryInternational

Official printed edition of the Rotary is monthly magazine "The Rotarian", the official website http://therotarianmagazine.com/

In addition, lots of information and news about the life of rotary is in the Ukrainian magazine "the Rotarian" (see the link to the flash version of the journal on this site).

Also You can find on the Facebook page of "Rotary Clubs of Ukraine" (https://www.facebook.com/RotaryInUkraine) and the pages of many Rotary and Rotaract Clubs from Ukraine and the world. Most Rotary Clubs and Districts around the world have their own websites and/or pages in social networks. So, at the request of "Rotary" Google generates approximately 157 million links.

Look, read, learn more about Rotary!

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    koma 03  When joining Rotary, you think it will be the social component of your life, besides family, work, hobbies, etc. But over time you begin realize that Rotary is a way of life in which all your life choices are made according to the Four Way Test. Four simple questions...but how they change your life!  koma 07

    Mykola Steblyanko
    Rotary e-Club of Ukraine First President, Rotarian since 2006
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    koma 03  The mission of life embodied in actions – that's what Rotary movement means for me. Fellowship at the level of the intellect and the soul. Common living space of people united by the same Spirit! Creativity, embodied in the men’s work !  koma 07

    Olga Zmiivska
    Head of ICC Ukraine-Belgium, Rotarian since 2006
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    koma 03  Rotary - community with great positive motivation і  and mission of doing good - everyday!!! koma 07

    Myroslava Novosilska
    Chair of ICC Ukraine-Israel, Rotary member since 2012
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    koma 03  For me, Rotary is a willingness to give themselves, their time, effort, and money to serve the people, for the sake of hope in the eyes of the victims, the smile of a sick child, improvement the lives of people around you. This, together with Rotary international fellowship, allows you to do the impossible and fills your life with special meaning.  koma 07

    Oleksiy Kozhenkin
    District Governor D-2230 2014-2015, Rotarian since 1992
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    koma 03  Rotary for me during many years is the part of my life, which I really appreciate. Because it allows me to help others, do good deeds, constantly communicate with old friends and make new, significantly increase my positive impact on the world and the people around me.  koma 07

    Serhii Zavadskyi
    Governor D2232 2018-2019, Rotarian since 2000
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